Well, this isn’t a super challenging hike, but if you’re in the Bay Area, you really need to visit Agate Beach. We met some friends here recently, and introduced them to this amazing reef and it’s tide pools.

Duxbury Reef at Agate Beach is in Bolinas, an eclectic little town in Marin County, California. At low tide, the tide pools here are full of life, color and texture and views you just won’t find in many other places. From the parking lot, don’t miss the stairway up to the cliffside overlook of the beach – it’s so beautiful and provides a great perspective on your next stop, which is, the tide pools!

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You never know what you will find on your adventure to Duxbury Reef. On our visit, we were lucky enough to see large crabs, baby shrimp and fish, tons of hermit crabs, and anemones!

As you continue past the reef, you have about a half mile or so of beach, which has optional trail access past the creek bed that flows into the ocean. The wildflowers are beautiful and seeing them meet the sand is such a special sight. This is a hidden gem of a destination, sure to delight anyone who is looking for little treasures! I even found hidden hearts in so many places on this trip – making this day even more special for me.

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So many treasures to be found here – but it’s a “catch and release” beach – please don’t take the treasures you find home with you!

There are pit toilets here, but they aren’t terrible. No picnic tables in the parking lot, but plenty of beach to spread out on.

Won’t you join us along the path?

Pros – so very many! Great tide pools, wonderful secluded beach, treasure hunting at its best!

Cons – hard to come up with any, but if pressed, I wish there was an actual bathroom here.

Insider Tip: When getting directions, be sure to type “Agate Beach” into Google Maps (or whatever other platform you use). Searching for “Duxbury Reef” will take you to the wrong place (at least on Google Maps).

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