“The ocean fixes everything”. A dear friend gave me a sign saying this shortly after I got home from the hospital. She knew that once I had healed enough, the very first place I would want to go is to the beach. The sound of the waves crashing on the sand, for me, is such a soothing sound and allows me to think clearly in a world that is a bit crazy at times.

One of my very favorite places to go is Limantour Beach in Marin County. Here, you can really find it all. Miles of scenic beach, a little climbing, tide pools and the best views around! Last weekend, my husband and I met some friends who had never been to this magical place before to show them the wonder that is Limantour Beach.

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There is a large parking lot, but I would still recommend coming early as I am not alone in my love of this beach. Come at low tide if you can, so much can be seen! And also, don’t just stay in the area closest to the parking lot – there is so much! If you walk to the north – you’ll quickly leave the people behind and find yourself walking along the beautiful sand to gorgeous views and the washed up remains of an old ship’s engine.

But today we are going south – my favorite direction. Again, once you get about a half mile away from the parking lot, you leave most of the people behind and it’s there that the true beauty begins. At about the 2.5 mile mark, you reach gorgeous tide pools. At low tide, there are pools to explore and rocks to climb. While you’ll always see different sea life every time you come, this trip was like a visit to your favorite aquarium! Sea anemones, sea stars, crabs battling each for territory, fish and so much more. You could spend hours here just exploring.

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There are small waterfalls that flow from the little valleys between the cliffs and then, when you think you’re at the end of the beach – if you scramble up the rocks, you’ll find even more beach to explore. This is most likely only doable at low tide though. Once you get to this section, which is about 3 miles from the parking lot, it’s like opening a present because every new pocket beach you discover is a little more beautiful than the last. We ventured out a little over three miles before heading back as the tide was coming back in, but loved every second! Don’t miss out on the magic of this special beach! Won’t you join us along the path?

Pros: Well, everything! Super easy flat beach, with some more strenuous options if you choose! And there’s a bathroom.

Cons: Being immunosuppressed in a time of Covid-19, staying away from people for that first half mile is a little difficult, but not a problem with a mask!

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