“What would someone do at the height of stress over a serious medical condition?
Wilbert had a bad heart and was very sick. We asked GOD for help. Our prayers were heard. For HE sent his angels on “persona” to help us. Medical staff, doctors, surgeons from Kaiser and Stanford Hospitals who are all specialized in cardiology got involved to help Wilbert’s heart condition.

He now has a new and healthy heart!️ We thank everyone. These Angels God sent for this miraculous healing, not just medical staff but also people who were with us at this time of healing. We thank Ms.Denise Redeker and The Heartfelt Help Foundation for being there not just for moral but also financial support, who sponsored our place to stay near the hospital for follow-up appointments and rehabilitation after heart transplant. Denise became a part of the family, whom we can reach for any questions and around for us . Thank You!!!

The Heartfelt Help Foundation’s heartfelt dedication and help to each and everyone in need makes a difference in everyone’s life they touched, like ours. More power to Ms. Denise and The Heartfelt Help Foundation!”